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It's no secret that questionnaires are vital when it comes to gathering data from clients or employees; which you can use to sell more products, improve your service offerings, or find the perfect staff for your company.

However, few people have the time or patience to deal with lengthy, intricate questionnaires.

That's where PsychoTechnology comes in. We specialise in building shorter, Computerised Adptive questionnaires that still unearth the vital data you need to take your business to the next level.

Questionnaires for Businesses
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As experts in applied psychometrics, we work with a diverse range of clients worldwide (from fitness experts to counselors and more) building robust questionnaires across various fields. These include Workplace Performance, Mental Health, Memory Performance, Intelligence and beyond.

What if we told you that our technology held the power to speed up questionnaires by up to 80%?

With Computerised Adaptive Testing, there are no what ifs! All questionnaires can be flawlessly customised to plug seamlessly into your website or application.

Questionnaires are supposed to be fun. Not a burden. Get in touch today to find out more about what we can do for you.

What is Computerised Adaptive Testing?

Computerised Adaptive Testing, or CAT for short, is a type of test that adapts to the person's answers to determine the next question. All of this can unfold thanks to a powerful algorithm that runs the questionnaire, selecting the most relevant questions according to the test-taker's abilities.

CAT refers to the redesign of psychological and educational measuring instruments, for eventual delivery by interactive computers. It can be used for tests of ability or achievement, as well as for measures of personality and attitudinal variables. For each examinee, a set of questions are selected from a pre-calibrated item bank. It's the most effective and efficient way to unlock the most accurate results.


Each unique question is intelligently handpicked by the algorithm, extracting the most information by our models. No two people are the same, and no two people will ever receive the same question.

We have spent years conducting research on Computerised Adative Testing, and have been trained by a leading research in the field, Dr. David Weiss. We are proud to have built a Computerised Adaptive Test for personality, a highly challenging an complex variable to test.

We quickly discovered that this technique is so incredibly robust; it can achieve almost anything. Computerised Adaptive Testing truly is the most trusted way to build a questionnaire capable of achieving such incredible results.

What we offer

  • Questionnaire Design & Development
  • Questionnaire Testing — Reliability & Validity Checking
  • Computerised Adaptive Questionnaire
  • Dynamic and Aesthetically-pleasing Webpage

Types of Questionnaires

Essentially, there are two types of questionnaires. Polytomous, and Dichotomous. You can view these below:

  • Yes/no
  • 2 options
  • Simple mathematical modelling
  • Data driven
  • Multiple responses
  • 2+ options
  • Complex mathematical modelling
  • Greater person insight

Unlike a Dichotomous questionnaire, its Polytomous counterpart offers more than two options, more flexibility, and is suited for eomplex personality questionnaires.

What's the difference between uni-dimensional and multi-dimensional?

  • Uni-dimensional: One variable is measured at a time
  • Multi-dimensional: Multiple variables can be measured at once. For example the Big 5 Personality test measures openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.
Our clients

How it works

Here at PsychoTechnology, we statistically model each question (as well as the person taking the test) to effectively and intelligently predict their final score.

Think of our Neural Network like a human brain, gathering data with each and every second. By giving the full questionnaire to hundreds of participants, this "brain" can use the collected data to train our model. The output is used to identify parametres for each question.

Adaptive Questionnaires are highly predictive and fast when it comes to detecting results. What's more, we design captivatingly visual feedback with the psychological interpretation.

Each question is trained using the data from 1000's of participants

Personality Neural Network
Computerised Adaptive Questionnaire

The algorithm that makes our adpative questionnaires super fast

Question Selection Algorithm


Questionnaire Webpage
Questionnaire Feedback Page


I am almost reluctant to say how good PsychoTechnology was, for fear of not getting to use their wonderful skillset again. Great help, brilliant communication, and ultimately very talented at anything they do with their specialisms.

RobFounder of Workathlete, Ex-international Rugby, Performance Director, Speaker and Commentator.

So, what's in it for you?

  • Well, we make the act of taking questionnaires easier and more enjoyable for everyone. No more irriated examinees or compromised outcomes.

  • Shorter questionnaires are quicker and more efficient, yet still unlock the data you need.

  • Increase your questionnaire speed by 80%. For example, if a questionnaire typically has 80 questions, we can reduce this to 16 questions without compromising the output.

  • All test results are valid and reliable, and as accurate as if the person took the full test!

No matter the nature or size of your business, we want to make it easier than ever for you to perform effective, reliable psychometric assessments. Fill out the form below to discover more today.

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We want to give you a free consultation to prove the worth of our questionnaires to you. There's absolutely nothing to lose. Don't like the results? There are no obligations. However, most people who give our questionnaires a go decide to stick with us for the long haul.

More about PsychoTechnology

We are a proud technology startup company with a passion for creating forward-thinking technology for the mind. We serve both people are businesses alike, using proven psychological research to teach you more about the human mind.


What's different about PsychoTechnology


Sure, you could go ahead and use some of the most popular online survey development platforms out there, like SurveyMonkey. But how much power do platforms like this actually hold? PsychoTechnology is the first and only of its kind to use Computerised Adaptive Testing technology to make sure you're getting the best and most reliable ansers possible from your audience.

What's more, we go the extra mile to create highly attractive webpage designs that engage your audience even more. After all, it's the all-encompassing experience that matters. That's what sets PsychoTechnology apart! Our dynamic webpages are highly visually oriented. The fact that our feedback is so insightfully written seals the deal — created from core psychology topics on self-esteem, flow, and everything in-between. You'll never find this on a traditional survey platform.